Galaxidi is a seaside village of  Phokis and it has a small harbor on the Gulf of Corinth. It is located about 10 km South of Itea, about  25 km SW of Delphi and it’s a 2.5h drive from the  capital Athens. Because Galaxidi is built in little peninsulas is surrounded almost everywhere by sea. It has two natural ports (Hirololakas and central Port) and it is characterized as a traditional village. Until the late 19th century, Galaxidi had a sizeable merchant marine fleet and was a prosperous commercial centre.

This is reflected in the size and style of the local buildings. Preservation of the traditional architecture has facilitated the growth of tourism in recent decades. The marine museum contains exhibits from this period. Among the exhibits of the Gallery the most important are paintings of sailing ships, figureheads with carved wooden figures of women, nautical instruments, ships' logs and registers of the Galaxidiot ships.

Galaxidi is a small port situated on a natural double harbour surrounded by mountains. The deeper main harbour provides docking facilities for yachts and small fishing boats and is lined with restaurants, bars, and stores. The smaller harbour, Hirolaka, is residential, with a park (platia) from which there is a splendid view of  Itea and Delphi.

Great interest also present the two churches Agios Nicolas and Agia Paraskevi. Agios Nikolas  has a woodcut temple from 19o  century. Agia Paraskevi, has in its marvel floor a zodiac solar clock.

Finally, throughout the port there are tranditional restaurants and tavernas with delicious plates from fresh fishes to souvlaki and spaghetti.